Today was not the first time I’ve biked E to daycare, but it was the first time I did not ride around our car to do so.  Because we don’t have a car!  Not anymore.  We crashed on the highway 3 weeks ago and after three weekends lost to obsessing over finding an inexpensive car with had 4 doors and good gas mileage, we decided to give up the ghost.

Somehow from a starting budget of 3000 we inched up to 5, then 6, 8, and finally $10,000.  We found a car that met our criteria, bargained for an hour or two, then walked away. Left the deal on the dealer’s table.  That was the highlight of our aborted car buying adventure.

We borrowed my parent’s “extra” car for a few weeks, then once they needed it back, decided it was time. We’d talked about it casually for years, and it took a wreck to give us the push out of the car-dependent lifestyle so common to Atlantans and onto our feet, bikes, and buses (plus the occasional offered ride or borrowed zipcar) full time.

Today I woke up, showered, dressed, and fed the little guy…wait, did I mention we have a kid?!  That’s what made this decision tough.   We’ll get more into that later, but suffice to say our parents are not as excited about this as we are.

So anyway, this morning I woke up, showered, dressed, and fed the little guy…and after searching for my keys for 45 minutes (he’d hidden them in the pantry behind the cereal), we were off.  I popped him into the trailer in the shed behind our house, and wheeled it out of the gate, then brought my bike around and attached the trailer.

E was fine and dandy til I put on his helmet, which set him off crying (he hates the helmet).   But once we got moving, he stopped crying immediately and started his baby hum.  He hummed louder as we crested the first hill (owww…) and picked up speed on our way down.

It took me about 20 minutes to bike to his daycare.  When we pulled in, his class was outside on the playground.  The look on their faces was shock and awe.  If E were a little older he would have felt like a rock star, but as it was he’s 15 months and toddled through the gate, blissfully unaware that this was anything less than an ordinary commute.