Last night, on the way home, a minivan slowed, then stopped next to me at a red light. “What’s that contraption behind you called…and where did you get it?” the woman behind the wheel wanted to know.  “Would my daughter fit in one?  She’s four.”

People want to know – what is that?  What’s in that?  And how far am I pulling that?  Answers: a trailer; either a) a baby if it’s in the morning and I’m riding on neighborhood streets or b) my bag and stuff if it’s in the afternoon or evening and I’m lugging it down Cascade; and everywhere I go!

I’m on day two of keeping the trailer attached to my old steel bike everywhere I go, and I’m loving it.

I’ve counted zero honks, zero buzzings, and zero close calls while pulling the trailer.  Two cars letting me pull out from driveways in front, four people wanting to know more about my “contraption,”  and too many grins and slow head shakes to count.

For everyone wondering what kind of trailer I’m pulling, it was a gift from the ABC Board (thanks guys!) – the Baby TransIT rumble seat.  Any trailer is a big improvement over the old bike seat my dad rode us kids around in – much safer and much easier to maneuver and balance. And it’s a huge improvement over tying your kid’s Red Radio Flyer wagon by the handle with rope to your seat post and hoping for the best (true story – I still bear the scars and my mom still brings that story up whenever my father has a harebrained idea…)

Anyway…Consumer Reports has an article about trailers and reviews here.

Bottom line – in a town like Atlanta where not everyone is bike friendly (yet), pulling a trailer that could be concealing a baby is not a bad move.  It does weigh 20 pounds and Everett adds another 28, and I’m not a light packer, but I had been meaning to lose the baby weight anyway, I mean eventually, not by dieting or exercising, or anything extreme like that.  More in a roundabout, if it just happens, kind of way.

But now I’m hoping that a few months of pulling double duty I’ll be able to shake “So when are you due again?”  (no joke!  happened to me three times on one day a year after the baby was born) and move on to, “So where do you work out?” without ever having to set foot inside a gym.