Distance to Kroger – 0.9 miles

Weather – 55 degrees, raining

Time – 8:00pm

Grocery List – Diet Coke, Beer, Soy Creamer, Frozen Meals, Veggie Burgers, Pretzels, Veggie Stix, Ginger


After we decided to ditch the car, we planned out a “big shop”, where we would buy all of our large items in bulk ahead of time so we wouldn’t have to worry about it for a while.  What are our large items you say?  Diapers, toilet paper, dog food, etc.  Speaking of dog food…

We have three large dogs – the lightest one is about 70 pounds.  Here are Maya and Osa:

Not pictured is Cejas (he was probably in the waybackyard barking at vines at the time.)   We go through at least one big bag of dog food weekly and Maya gets an additional two cans of wet food a day, so we freaked and bought a bunch to get us by.

So, my main reason for heading to the grocery store last night, was to make sure we had something for Everett’s grandpa to eat and drink while he watched him the following day.  We didn’t have a pressing “need” for some of the other things <cough> all non-beer items <cough>, but they are nice to have around anyway.  So I threw on my rain jacket, grabbed my helmet and two grocery-getter panniers and headed out to the shed to get the bike ready.

Grocery Getters

The trip to Kroger is so short, you hardly notice it.  Once there, I dismounted and locked up on the grocery cart corral, removed the panniers and headed inside.

First things first – Diet Coke.  It either comes in a 12-pack or some odd little 3 1/2 pack of weirdly-shaped cans that cost twice as much.  12-pack it is.  One aisle over – the beer.  What I thought would be a dilemma was not…  I must buy a 12-pack…for balance, you see… 10 minutes later I was ready to go.

I love the U-Scan.  Our Kroger normally has two normal lines open, with 750 people waiting in each line.   The U-Scan will have 3 or 4 people in line, usually tech-savvy teenyboppers or old ladies who don’t realize where they are (I guess I would be classified as a mix – tech-savvy old lady?)  If you know what you are doing, it’s almost faster than a cashier and bagger combo.  There is no wasted time asking about the Plus Card or if you found everything today.  Anyhow, the U-Scan really can be confusing – especially when I put my panniers on the bag side and it alerted security that a burglary was in progress (I guess the machine only recognizes cloth bags?)  “Soooo, the cavity check won’t be necessary officer – panniers on the ground it is. Whoa! Easy!  I said panniers…”

I left the store with two equally-balanced bags, hooked them up and pedaled home through the night, feeling very successful.  However, I’m not crazy about the panniers.  I mounted them all the way back on my rack and my heels still hit them damn near every time I pedaled.  Any advice on how to fix that?