We recently noticed that zipcar has a little southside anxiety, as in, there’s not one on the southside of town!  Not southeast nor southwest.  It’ll go soPo but not south of I-20.

All of which means any time we want to check one out, it’s a trek.  In nice weather, no big deal, but tonight’s forecast included tornadoes, floods, and hail.  Yeah us.

I emailed the general manager last week to request a car at the West End MARTA station.  If you live on the southerly end of our fair town you should email him too.  They have a formula that includes being close to a university (AUC – check), transit (West End MARTA – check), activity centers (West End, Castleberry Hill, Turner Field – kind of check), and a mall (West End Mall – never mind).

Tomorrow we are totally counting on hearing about the house we bid on in the historic West End.  I’ve lived in the “greater West End” (really more like the lesser) for almost ten years now, and Josh has lived here for 4 of those years, and we are ready for a little change.

Walk Score for our current house: 35 out of 100 — Car-Dependent

Walk Score for our West End Victorian: 85 out of 100 — Very Walkable
Get your walk score here.

That said, the more we walk around here, even with our low score, the more we know.  Can’t beat walking for interactions. I’ll let Josh post later about his first walk from the bus stop with Everett on their way home.

But I digress.  Here’s the count for our bike-zipcar-bike trip tonight:

I biked to zipcar at corner of Edgewood and Courtland because the Prius there is only $7/hr as opposed to the $9.50/hr Prius on Forsyth a block from the ABC office.  40 minutes in rain and wind.

After figuring out how to turn on the Prius, which only takes me five minutes, I drive back to our house, where we load the car with food for dinner, our new folding carseat (4.5/5 stars with a half star off for weighing in at 100 pounds.  Okay, not really.) We wake Everett up from his nap, wrestle him into a new rain jacket from his Uma, and pop him into the car.  Dinner with the fam was great, with Tio Jose back in town from Army and lots of everyone staring at Everett, waiting for him to breakdance or at least do a little Bill Cosby.

We leave at 9 pm on the dot, having extended the reservation to 10 pm with a simple text (I love that part of the system).  By the time we get home Josh has to rush around getting ready so he can drop the zipcar off, pick up my bike (locked up in the ARC’s covered parking deck) and ride back home.

At 9:58 pm he calls me in what passes in Josh for a panic.  “Well, I got here just in time, parked the car, got out, and the doors locked. With your keys inside.”

Lesson here folks – never, EVER attach the zipcar key to YOUR keychain. It will come back to bite you.

Luckily he still had one minute left so he was able to card back in and get the key to the bike lock.  I’m not really sure what he would have done if that hadn’t worked – maybe a little customer service call would have handled it, but it was a dicey moment (although apparently not as dicey as hanging out at the corner of Courtland and Edgewood at 10 pm on a rainy Sunday night…)

I can’t wait for zipcar to come over to the south side.  Don’t think we’ll be making that slog again anytime soon, at least not in the rain.

Next trip over the river and through the woods will be on MARTA, which will likely be so utterly dull and routine it will leave me with nothing to blog about.  A girl can dream.