Has it been one full week now or two?  I’m not sure – it’s already become routine (as in, the new normal, not as in boring).

I take Everett to daycare by bike every morning and Josh brings him home by bus each afternoon and we all feel pretty good about it, at least those of us who can talk do, and E has other ways of making his displeasure known, so I feel confident he’s enjoying it.  He still screams when the helmet goes on, but the second we’re in motion he’s humming happily along, and is usually in a deep sleep by the time we pull in to daycare 15 minutes later.

We take mostly neighborhood streets with very low traffic.  On average, 3-5 cars pass us on each trip, and so far everyone gives us an exaggerated passing distance.

Yesterday a woman crossing Beecher as we were stopped at a red light stopped to say “Neat – I love what you’re doing.”  Then, a beat later, “Wait – there’s a baby in there!”

What could I say?  You’re gonna get some hop-ons

Josh captured us taking off Friday morning: