Yesterday we decided to ride over to check out the Capitol View after hearing how great the elementary school was from the woman who runs metro Atlanta’s Safe Routes to School program.  We have several friends who live in the neighborhood as well as adjacent Adair Park, and have a little history with Perkerson Park – it’s where Josh won me over, although I didn’t know it at the time!

It was Hands on Atlanta Day, 2006.  While the rest of the rag-tag band of volunteers were using their fingernails to scrape paint off an old railing (I’m almost not exaggerating here – I’ve been to many Hands On Atlanta Days, and if you get a bad volunteer coordinator, you are in for some ditzy DIY not-so-much-improvements.) our group was asked to build a picnic table, but we weren’t provided any tools, just the kit.  Luckily Josh had come prepared with a well-stocked and organized tool box.  He stayed late with me to finish after everyone else but the organizer had given up.

Back to yesterday.  It was a gorgeous spring-like day, so riding bikes there was a no-brainer.  It does take a little longer to get packed and ready with a kiddo and bike trailer, but since we were setting out for a longer trip the extra preparation paid off.  Everett only needed the Freak-Out Bag TM once, but once is enough!  Waving the snack pack at him usually does the trick.

Josh is a big proponent of neon reflective vests, and E’s at the mimic stage, so he decided he needed one too.

We took the same route I normally use to take Everett to daycare in Adair Park, so the video below shows the West End streets we bike daily.

The house was stunning.  An open house was being set up, so we got to see the inside even though we hadn’t brought our realtor.  The neighborhood was very diverse – lots of young professional looking types, lots of teens and kids, and some older folks.   As we were wandering around trying to find the house, a sketchy looking dude stopped suddenly when he saw us and yelled out, “I love your baby cart!”  I need to be less judge-y.

It may have been the aforementioned gorgeous spring-like weather, but people were so nice yesterday it was ridiculous.

That was the theme for the ride – hardened looking guys wearing gang colors breaking into huge grins when they saw the bike trailer.  Teenage girls and cooing over how adorable Everett was.  Older ladies we expected to wag fingers slowing down to exclaim over our little family bike trip.  Toddler girls at the park telling me, “I LOVE your baby!”  White dude in a pickup truck who hollered  out “crazy bikers!” turning out to be Tim, who runs BeltLine Bikes in Adair Park (and for whom Josh was mistaken earlier in our ride when we ran into some kids on bikes in Adair Park.  After a brief hesitation, “Hey Mr. Tim!”)  Josh can’t hear well so he just said Hey back and we rolled on home.