It was easy being car-lite when it was just the two of us.  We shared one car between us, using it mostly for grocery shopping and to visit my parents, who live in DeKalb County (we really should have just biked there but I’m not a big fan of Briarcliff…)  We both biked to work, to socialize, and for fun.

And surprisingly, getting pregnant didn’t change that equation much.  Yes, I switched from a road bike to my old hybrid, which let me sit more upright as my belly grew, but I could still get around easily on the bike, often more easily than I could on foot.

But once E hit the scene, things changed.  It took me several months to feel well enough physically to bike again, and when I could I didn’t want to spend the time away from him. The first year of his life we couldn’t take him in the beautiful new trailer given to us by the ABC board, so we had to steal our bike rides together on the occasional Sunday when my mom watched E after church, or not ride together at all.

At one year, E’s brain was developed enough to ride in the trailer.   That’s when this journey began.


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