It’s been two month since we last blogged. Two months!  Occasionally we say to each other, vaguely, we should blog more. So and so asked if we were still blogging.  Are we? We nod sagely – we should blog about something, soon.  But about what?  We ask.  We agree that we don’t know.

Being car-free has turned out to be a fairly ordinary experience, in the best possible of ways.  All the predictions that we’d give up when we found out how hard it was to live in Atlanta without a car have not come to pass.  All our questions and concerns have faded.  All the excuses and fears that kept us from doing it sooner have been quieted by our day to day existence,  crowded out by our happy, boring lives. And we like it that way!

The biggest news I have to share is that we have started buying tall beers in aluminum cans at the gas station, where a kindly old man watches over our bikes.  I gave him a dollar yesterday, which he nearly wouldn’t take but finally did so with great pleasure.  I would have watched it for nothing, you know.  I knew, and that’s why I felt moved to dig around in my purse.

The first time I biked for our beer I rolled into the crowded storefront, insistent that No Way was I leaving my precious bicycle outside.  No bike racks around here. No fence posts, even!  I was taking my mode inside, and there was nothing the gentlemen behind the bullet-proof glass could do about it. I think they realized it would take them longer to kick me out than to ring me up, so I escaped with my six pack.

So there you have it – my big news.  Beer in cans is easier to transport by bike. Unless you have The Perfect Bike Bag, which is a meaty (faux meaty anyway) topic I’ll bravely tackle in a future post!

Til then, ride on, my brave ones.  Ride on.